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Is Your Child’s Literacy Lagging?

The last 18 months have brought immeasurable changes to the way we live, from social distancing to mask wearing, remote working and online schooling. While adjusting to these changes has placed strain on many adults, many children are also feeling the negative effects of limited in-person learning. In Canada, where more than half of the […]

Parents Expectations & Commitments: Why It’s Better To Get A Tutor

A parent’s commitments are never ending. Whether or not you have a 9-5 job, parenting itself is a full time venture! The to do list can be daunting, from piles of laundry (where does it all come from?!), to cooking for fussy eaters, cleaning up constant mess, school runs, grocery shopping, helping with homework, staying […]

How can you support your child’s schooling from home?

So many parents are worried to some extent about their children falling behind at school due to the impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns over the past few months. With another nationwide closure of public schools until late August at least, we’re not surprised! An already packed school curriculum doesn’t really leave room for a week’s […]

Self-care & time management: How to unwind after a busy and chaotic year

2020 has been a crazy rollercoaster of a year, with many ups and downs, pivots and changes. Our “new normal” has meant a lot of adjustments for all of us – especially for parents and their children. With an interrupted school year and new expectations for academic performance, children and parents alike have faced increased […]

Tips to prepare your child for the new school year

The long summer holidays and break from school are over with and your children are back at school. The morning traffic has picked up again, and your family is getting back into routine. Normally, this happens without too much trouble, but some children can take a little longer to get back into routine. Especially when […]

Summer Is Here!

How to incorporate Little Sparkz into summer-time outdoor fun Is your child more interested in playing outside than doing arts and crafts inside? We share some insight into how to get your child to complete their educational activities, all while having FUN outside during the summer months!  During the cold, wintery months it is easy […]

How Mindfulness Can Help You & Your Child During COVID-19

Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzz word in conversations around how to deal with the stress of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the associated changes in routine and uncertainty regarding when things will get back to normal. This very important practice has also started to make its way into educational curricula globally. We spoke […]

Juggling Working From Home & Home-Schooling

The Coronavirus pandemic and resultant lockdown has been difficult for everyone, but particularly for parents with children. Being suddenly thrown into a situation requiring parents and children to adjust to this new normal, with routines out the window, has been a challenge for even the most organized parents. A well-planned day can quickly turn into […]

Online Learning: The New Normal

May 2020: The world is a very different place to what it was a few months ago. Coronavirus and lockdown, social distancing and school closures have changed how we need to learn. After spending your whole school career learning one way, you may be struggling to adapt to this new normal. Here are some tips […]

Teaching at Home: Tips for Parents

Most parents have suddenly been faced with the challenge of managing their children’s education from home. From a lack of resources, to a lack of ideas, to a lack of knowledge on effective homeschooling techniques – or just a lack of patience! Parents are struggling to keep up with schoolwork set by teachers to be […]