Who is BrightSparkz?

The BrightSparkz Tutors team is a dedicated group of individuals striving to provide Canadian families with excellent learning support services and attracting tutors and facilitators of exceptional quality. BrightSparkz was established in 2007 in South Africa and launched in Canada in 2020. BrightSparkz carefully match tutors with elementary, secondary and university students, as well as adults, depending on their requirements in order to assist students reach their full potential. In addition to tutoring, BrightSparkz also offers a variety of courses such as Little Sparkz, a Study Skills Crash Course, 6 different Language Boot Camps and more! For more information visit www.brightsparkz.ca

What happens if my child can’t do some of the activities?

The Camp Bright Minds program has been carefully created to include children at all levels of learning for all STEM subjects.  

In order to ensure that all children have an opportunity to participate in all of the activities, every activity can be modified to suit the needs of the learner. Bright Minds facilitators are specifically trained on modifying activities according to the child’s needs. The activities are also designed to be modifiable to cater for a wide range of STEM skill proficiency.

Who facilitates Camp Bright Minds at Planet Kids?

The Planet Kids Program Directors have been trained by BrightSparkz to deliver the Bright Minds STEM program effectively. These trained Program Directors will each be assisted by camp counsellors.

Do I need to send anything with my child to camp?

Your child will not need to bring any materials or equipment with them in order to participate in the program. All of the necessary materials will be supplied by Planet Kids.

Can my child attend Camp Bright Minds more than once?

Yes, your child can definitely attend Camp Bright Minds more than once. As the program covers a variety of skills and challenges, it is very normal for children to find some tasks easier than others. Attending for a second time will help your child master tasks and bridge any gaps that they might have had the first time round, and even be able to complete more difficult modified tasks the next time around,  as they will have an opportunity to practice and reapply themselves.