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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always here to help our clients understand what Little Sparkz is all about, and how we can best help your little spark shine. Please have a look for any questions on your mind in the list below:

Can my child work through the Little Sparkz program more than once?

Yes, your child can complete the same Little Sparkz course again. As the course covers a variety of skills, it is very normal for children to find some tasks easier than others. Working through the course for a second time will help your child master tasks and bridge any gaps that they might have had as they will have an opportunity to practice and reapply themselves. Some children would even benefit from working through the course a third time if they are not yet confidently performing some of the foundational skills.

Can my child do Little Sparkz Level 2 after completing Level 1?

Yes, your child can work through Level 2 after completing Level 1. We recommend that you base this decision on your child’s baseline competency with letters and numbers, as well as the likelihood that they will quickly master necessary literacy and numeracy skills. As the materials are modifiable to suit each child’s needs, if Level 2 is a little challenging, facilitators will try to adapt the activities as best they can.

Do I need to send anything with my child to camp?

Your child will not need to bring any materials or equipment with them in order to participate in the program. All of the necessary materials will be supplied by Planet Kids.

Does my child need to be able to read to work through the Little Sparkz program?

No! Your child definitely doesn’t need to be a proficient reader to work through the Little Sparkz program. It is designed to build all the necessary skills that underpin reading, writing and Math. If your child is not able to read, we recommend that they start with Level 1 and work their way towards Level 2.  If your child can read, we’d recommend that they start with Level 2

Who facilitates the Little Sparkz program at Planet Kids?

The Planet Kids Program Directors are trained Little Sparkz facilitators. They will be running the Little Sparkz Camp and will each be assisted by camp counsellors. Little Sparkz Level 1 and 2 participants will be facilitated in their own separate groups.

My child is new to Canada – will they cope with the Little Sparkz program?

Absolutely! Little Sparkz Level 1 and 2 are perfect entry level programs for children who are working on developing their foundational skills learnt during Kindergarten to prepare to enter Grade 1 (eventually) with confidence. This program is also perfect for students who have completed Grade 1.  

Children who are not first language English speakers or who have skipped some of a school year may require some additional one-on-one tutoring sessions after completion of the Little Sparkz program in order to revise and explore the content covered in depth and at their own pace. 

What happens if my child can’t do some of the activities?

Little Sparkz Facilitators are specifically trained on modifying activities in order to ensure that all children have an opportunity to participate in all of the activities. The activities are also designed to be modifiable to cater for a wide range of literacy, numeracy and motor skill proficiency.

My child is in Grade 1 – is Little Sparkz still suitable?

Little Sparkz™ takes children through the basics of what they should have mastered in order to enter Grade 1 with confidence. If your child is already in Grade 1, but is struggling to cope with some of the curriculum or hasn’t yet mastered some foundational skills, we would recommend taking them through the Little Sparkz™ program in order to identify where the gaps lie and reinforce what has been taught in the classroom in a more informal and fun environment. 

Who is BrightSparkz?

The BrightSparkz Tutors team is a dedicated group of individuals striving to provide Canadian families with excellent learning support services and attracting tutors and facilitators of exceptional quality. BrightSparkz was established in 2007 in South Africa and launched in Canada in 2020. BrightSparkz carefully match tutors with elementary, secondary and university students, as well as adults, depending on their requirements in order to assist students reach their full potential. In addition to tutoring, BrightSparkz also offers a variety of courses such as Little Sparkz, a Study Skills Crash Course, 6 different Language Boot Camps and more! For more information visit

What is the difference between Little Sparkz Level 1 and Little Sparkz Level 2?

  • Little Sparkz Level 1 is designed for children preparing to enter or who have just completed Junior Kindergarten. It focuses on the basics and more general literacy and numeracy skills that make up the building blocks for confident readers and writers. 


  • Little Sparkz Level 2 is a little more advanced, catering for children who coped very well in Junior Kindergarten or have completed Senior Kindergarten. This level is also great for Grade 1 learners to refine their skills and build even more confidence in their literacy and numeracy foundations!

Should my child start with Little Sparkz Level 1 or 2?

Little Sparkz Level 1 is appropriate for children aged 3 – 5 years or children who have completed Junior Kindergarten. Little Sparkz Level 2 is more appropriate for 5 – 6 year olds or students who have completed Senior Kindergarten or even Grade 1, however, these recommendations are just a guideline! To find out if your child should start at Level 1 or Level 2 – have a look at the following questions:

  1. Can your child write their name correctly without assistance?
  2. Can your child cut along a printed zigzag independently?
  3. Can your child count to 20 and recognize numbers 1 – 20 without assistance?
  • If you answered “Yes!” to all of the above, your child could start at Level 2, although we do recommend working through Level 1 first.
  • If you answered “No!” to any of the above, your child should start at Level 1.

My child may find Little Sparkz Level 1 slightly challenging. Should we do Level 1 twice or move on to Level 2?

If your child’s baseline literacy and numeracy knowledge as well as motor skills are limited, a second round of Level 1 is a great option to consider! Participating in the course for a second time will help your child master tasks and bridge any gaps that they might have had the first time round as they will have an opportunity to practice and reapply themselves. They are also able to use different materials, colours and expression the next time too, which will encourage creativity.