All you need to know about the logsheet

A logsheet is extremely important – it is the proof that you were at a lesson. It is vital that you have one logsheet per package, per client. If a client disputes a lesson i.e. says you were not there or that the lesson was cut short, you can provide the logsheet as proof. If there is an adult around, they should always sign the logsheet, if not, the learner can sign as well. 

If you are doing online lessons, please complete the logsheet electronically, and send it to the client to sign electronically.

Please remember to take a photo of the logsheet after each lesson, in case you need to send it to us, and you’re not able to see the client to get the physical copy.

So, do I need to send my logsheet or a photo thereof to BrightSparkz at the end of each month, in order to be paid?

No, you do not. All you need to do is keep the logsheet, or a photo thereof, in a safe place in case of any disputes, and log your lessons online (see our FAQs about payments and logging lessons).