If a client cancels a lesson, what do I do?

You will need to assess what kind or cancellation it was:
1. Cancelled on route
2. Cancelled on arrival
3. Cancelled any time before you left your home/university (whether it’s 30 minutes or the day before)

Then log the lesson on the portal selecting the correct option. If it’s option 1 or 2, the tutor will be compensated 50% for their hourly rate. The client forfeits the entire lesson. The tutor can also inform us of the cancellation, so that we can ask the client to compensate the tutor directly, so that the client does not need to forfeit the entire lesson.

We do ask that the tutor reschedules the lesson for that same week, or for as soon as possible, or perhaps do a double lesson at the next lesson (should the client agree), to make up for lost time.

NB! Please inform us of frequent cancellations and ALWAYS confirm the cancellation with a parent / guardian / BrightSparkz Tutors, if the cancellation came directly from the learner. If you are struggling to fit in the lessons, it is best to let us know sooner rather than later, so that we can confirm either a temporary or permanent replacement. You’ll only be doing the learner an injustice, if you keep cancelling the lessons from your end.