I’m sharing a package with another tutor – what does that mean?

If you’re sharing a package with another tutor, you need to be aware of 3 important things:

  1. Both you and the other tutor(s) can log lessons on the package – so you need to check that there is an available lesson on the package before every lesson. A double lesson or lessons on a few days in a row with the other tutor will quickly use up any remaining lessons. Making sure you keep your shared lesson logsheet up to date will also help with this.
  2. The package will not necessarily be split equally between the tutors! The client will decide how to split the lessons based on what the student needs. Please do not assume the number of lessons that you will be conducting on a certain package.
  3. You will not be conducting the lessons with another tutor. You will be responsible for arranging lesson times for the subject(s) that you are tutoring, and the other tutor(s) will be responsible for arranging lessons for their subject(s).

For example, Jackie purchases a 10 x 1 hour lesson package for her son, to be split between 3 tutors – for Math, Science and English. This DOES NOT mean that each tutor will conduct 3.33 lessons! If Jackie’s son is struggling more with Math and Science, but just needs 1-2 lessons to recap his English, the lesson split might be: 4 lessons for Math, 4 lessons for Science, and 2 lessons for English.