What if a client cancels a lesson before I leave for the lesson?

You can accept this cancellation; the client does not forfeit the lesson and the tutor is not compensated. Any notice, before the tutor leaves their home/university for lessons, is sufficient notice, especially since you did not use any of your petrol for this lesson. You may say that you put time and effort into planning the lesson, which is true, however, that time and effort won’t go to waste as you can simply use it for the following lesson instead and in turn you don’t need to plan for the next lesson.

We do ask that the tutor reschedules the lesson for that same week, or for as soon as possible, or perhaps do a double lesson at the next lesson (should the client agree), to make up for lost time.

NB! Please inform us of frequent cancellations and ALWAYS confirm the cancellation with a parent / guardian / BrightSparkz Tutors, if the cancellation came directly from the learner.