Where do I send queries about receiving the incorrect payment total?

Step 1: Please double check that your lesson logs are 100% correct. Often, we find that tutors have forgotten to log a lesson. If this is the case, these lessons would not have been included in your payment. As this is the most common case with payment queries, we ask that you double check before sending a query. If you have forgotten to log a lesson, please send an email detailing the date the lesson to place, the lesson length and a photo of the logsheet so that we can follow up on this.

Step 2: Double check in your calculation that you are not including lessons from a different month. Payments are processed from the 1st to last day of that same month. Example: 1 – 31 March will be paid by 15 April.

Step 3: Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to ensure your question is not addressed here. If your query is about when you will be paid, please refer to the FAQ page. We unfortunately cannot respond to queries of this nature.

Step 4: If your question is not answered on our FAQ page and pertains to the amount you were paid. Please send your query through to tutors@brightsparkz.ca.

Please note: Lessons that are not logged on time may be subject to penalties as indicated in the BrightSparkz Contract and Important Policies documents.