What do BrightSparkz clients have to say?

“I think all preschool kids would benefit from this program. In just 3 sessions they went from not being able to cut with scissors at all, to being able to cut out small objects.

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“I’ve found BrightSparkz to be very professional, reliable and to have fantastic communication. Wonderful caring staff! BrightSparkz is the best learning support company we’ve used in all our years!”

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“This is the perfect language course for a beginner! It’s easy to follow and covers a range of language theory to build your vocabulary and teach you important basics and rules.”

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“The Zulu Boot Camp is an excellent opportunity to study a new language in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. The lessons are well structured.”

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“A fantastic, interactive course that will have you speaking in French in no time!”

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“My son’s lessons have been going very well. He said that his tutor is a great Chemistry teacher, and that his tutor makes the work so much easier to understand. I am so grateful that we found BrightSparkz.”


“The company is very proactive, responsive and provides a good service.”

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