Staying Sharp over the Summer: Level up with Language Skills (Part 1)

The idea of learning a new language may seem daunting for your child, and futile for you as a parent. Your child has successfully gotten through the school year despite any academic hiccups, and you are both exhausted. Your child is no longer in their usual daily studying routine, and their days are looking less structured and more chaotic as the holiday mode sets in. So why take on the mammoth task of learning a brand new language? Well, learning a new language has many benefits, such as cognitive and logical thinking, and improved memory to name just a few. 

In one of our previous blog we explore the benefits of learning a new language, such as:

  • Being bilingual or multilingual enhances your ability to multi-task (as you are thinking in different languages) which reduces stress.
  • Research has also shown that knowledge of other languages improves decision making ability and helps you become a better listener.
  • For children, or anyone involved in studying, knowledge of another language improves academic performance in other areas such as Maths, reading, comprehension and vocabulary tests.
  • You will be able to make deeper connections and form deeper friendships with those of other cultures 
  • Increased job opportunities in your child’s later years

So, why now? Why should your child learn a new language over their Summer vacation? In Part 1 of our linguistic series, we‘ve highlighted our favourite reasons as to why your child should learn a language over the Summer:

  • A free mind is a curious mind

Without the stress of exams and assignments, or the pressure of extra mural activities, your child might enjoy taking on a new academic task. They will be able to find a healthy balance between relaxing and scheduling time to study – especially if the benefit is bragging about knowing another language – staying sharp while being savvy. 

  • Keeping your brain stimulated and activated

Strong study habits and techniques, once implemented, need to be practised regularly. But let’s be honest, no student wants to study during their Summer vacation, right? Learning a new language, however, is FUN – especially if you are doing it with friends. Learning anything is a good way to stay mentally sharp, stimulated and exercise your brain (just as you would a muscle)

  • It’s easy and convenient

The holidays are a convenient time to learn something new at your own pace – keeping the sense of structure, while doing something interactive. Learn to parle français in your Pajamas! One of the most convenient parts of learning at home, in a comfortable and familiar environment, is being able to fit your learning time into your holiday schedule. Not only will you avoid cramming by having three months to get it done, but you’ll be relaxed and ready to take on the task. 

  • BrightSparkz is backing you!

We have made learning a language easy, fun and interactive. Our online language Boot Camps will have your child learning a brand new language in 10 easy modules. Our unique blended learning model offers the benefits of a flexible online course coupled with the benefits of one on one online lessons. The best part is that it can be done from the comfort of your home, or at the beach, or even on a family vacation. 

The summer is a perfect time to enrich your language skills with a BrightSparkz Language Boot Camp! With more than two stress-free months to learn, practise and start using an exciting new language, there is no better time! Sign up for one of our BrightSparkz Language Boot Camps between now and 31 July and get 20% off!

Help your child get savvy this Summer and step up their language skills!


Written by the BrightSparkz Canada Team