Petit à petit: A little French goes a long way

Petit à petit: A little French goes a long way

Parents often ask themselves whether their child should learn a second language, and if so, which one? French is usually a popular choice! Why is that? The most obvious reason is that French is a world language; it is one of the most widely learned foreign languages! In fact, it is the second most learned language, with English being the first. Due to its popularity, there are countless education and private teaching systems around the world that provide resources to teach French at any grade level. 

Learning French at a young age is beneficial, as studies show that it helps children learn other languages. For example, if your child’s first language is English, learning French is a smooth transition, since there are quite a few English words that originated from French. You may have used some of these words in your life, such as baguette, chauffeur, and deja vu. Furthermore, learning French gives your child a great advantage to learn other languages such as Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish! 

Parents often worry that teaching their child a second language at a young age may hinder their child’s ability to speak and learn their primary language, but that is far from the truth. Raising a bilingual or multilingual child actually enhances their speech development, which boosts their brainpower! At a young age, children’s brains are like sponges – they easily soak in and learn information. There are no consequences to starting your child off early. It will only open doors for them in the future. 

One door that will open for them involves education opportunities. Becoming fluent in French will allow your child to study at top universities in French-speaking countries. This will give them a distinctive academic experience that will set them apart from the rest of their peers. 

Another door that may open for them is travel. Five continents around the world speak French, which means, your child will have no problem navigating the world, whether they’re in Morocco, Switzerland, or the Seychelles! Their trips can be safer and more pleasant since they can communicate with the locals, allowing them to experience a much better trip. 

Aside from travel, it is well known that the job market favours those who are bilingual. Knowledge of the French language can allow your child to apply for certain promotions, overseas positions, or translate for other team members. French is also extremely useful for political and international business careers. For example, the United Nations and the International Olympics Committee use French as their official language! It’s easy to see how much the job market will open up for your child! 

French is a popular and beautiful language, that will immerse your child in another culture and give them a multitude of opportunities as they grow older. It’s hard to think of any cons to learning it! So, get them started, maintenant (right now)!

So! How can BrightSparkz help you master the language of love? 

Our French Boot Camp will have you mastering the basics in 10 easy, fun and interactive online lessons, perfect for both children and adult beginners! If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, try one of our fantastic French tutors for more tailored one on one support. 

Apprenons le français!


Written by BrightSparkz French tutor Samantha Stanberry