SSCC Primary: Your Child’s Learning Style & Problem Area Analysis

Most children have the natural ability to learn new information by just looking, listening or doing. If you know your child’s learning style or personality, you can make it easier for them to learn in their own unique way. This quiz will give insight into how your child may respond best in learning, playing to their strengths to maximize their ability to reach their full potential at school.


Time Management & Prioritization

Can your child tell you how long it will take to complete a task? (Eg: How long will it take you to make your bed?)
Does your child prefer to complete a task straight away (or soon) OR rather go and play and require a reminder to complete it?

Cooperative Learning & Delegation

Does your child prefer doing things alone or in a group?
When doing group projects, does your child work well with his friends or peers?

Research & Memory

When doing homework, does your child ask for answers OR prefer reading books or Google for more information independently?
Does your child have difficulty remembering facts, dates, names or how to spell words they have learned the day before for a test?

Analysis & Comprehension

Can your child tell you about what has just been read, who the story is about and what has happened?
Does your child comprehend and analyse what has been read in a logical way?
What is your child’s response more likely to start with if you ask a question such as: “What do you think will happen next in the story?”

Your Child's Learning Style

You let your child pick out one thing at a shopping mall. Which would they choose?
You give your child the choice of one extra mural activity. What would they choose?
While waiting at a restaurant for food to arrive, how will your child occupy themselves?
Your child has the chance to decide on a family outing. What would they choose?
If your child reads by themselves, which of these would be most likely?
Which activity would your child enjoy most on an iPad or Tablet?

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