Tackling 10 Fears about Online Learning

It’s no surprise that Online Learning and tutoring has become better tailored and well-suited to our busy, modern lives.


Most parents of school aged learners grew up in a largely offline world, and are now raising their children in a world where a combination of online and offline is part of everyday life and learning. This could lead to parents feeling less in control, or even uncomfortable with new technologies their children are familiar and comfortable with, including online tutoring

So, parents, we’d LOVE to help you get more comfortable with the concept of online learning. So to put your mind a bit more at ease, let’s tackle some common fears surrounding online learning:


1. My child doesn’t have the discipline or time management to make it work

That’s what a tutor is for! Your tutor is trained to conduct online lessons, and will ensure that your child stays focussed and engaged throughout the lesson.


2. My child will be less engaged in an online lesson

Our tutors have reported the opposite! Tutors are finding that their learners are more engaged, attentive and confident online than offline and are less hesitant to express that they don’t fully understand or need something repeated. 


3. Online lessons will increase social isolation

For children who have grown up in a digital age, online social engagement has been proven to be just as important as offline social engagement – online lessons can help fulfill this role.


4. I don’t want my child to have too much screen time

Compared to online gaming or watching TV and movies, online lessons will engage your child’s mind and stimulate their critical thinking, outweighing negative blue light impacts. 


5. What if I have tech issues setting up online lessons? Do I have the right equipment?

We have several videos available to show you (or your child) exactly how to connect to an online lesson. Our tutors are also able to help you with your tech questions. All you need is a good Wifi or mobile data connection, and any device capable of connecting to the internet – even a smartphone!


6. Will I need to constantly supervise online lessons?

Not at all. As with face to face lessons, you may want to sit in on the first lesson to get to know the tutor, but this isn’t necessary. It’s also a much safer option if you’re using a tutor who you have never worked with before.


7. I won’t be able to speak to the tutor about my child’s progress

Your tutor will still be available via phone or WhatsApp to discuss any concerns you may have. 


8. I’m not sure if online lessons can be as effective as face to face lessons

Our tutors have been trained on how to conduct effective online lessons. From the feedback that we’ve had over the years, and more recently, some tutors and learners find that they learn better in an online environment than face to face!


9. Will there still be activities in the lesson, and homework afterwards?

Yes! Your tutor will discuss the best way to do this with you – they will either send you the activities and homework to print out before the lesson, or they will create digital material and share this with your child. 


10. The cost of data will make online lessons far more expensive

A 60 minute Skype or Zoom call uses an average of 60-100MB. This is equivalent to 1 minute of a YouTube video, reading 7 emails, or uploading 2 photos to Facebook – not a lot for an hour of learning!


Still not convinced about the benefits of online tutoring? Here’s what some of our tutors had to say:

“Online tutoring has given me the opportunity to delve more into students’ capabilities than ever before. Unlike in-person tutoring, my students have excelled at directing their own learning with even greater confidence. I am of the belief that online tutoring is the future of tutoring. It’s also great option available for students who are boarding at schools.” – Caamila M.

“Online lessons increase a student’s confidence in tackling questions and making mistakes without feeling “judged”. Online lessons made my learner more comfortable and helped him cope better with the work.” – Gracia M.


So, How can BrightSparkz help?

We’d love to help you get comfortable with the concept of online learning by sharing valuable resources with you. If you’d like to read more on the topic, we’ve got some bright blogs to get you going:

Should you wish to give online tutoring a try, reach out to us about our available tutors and our online tutoring specials, or, click HERE for a sparkling online tutor!

Written by Tessa Cooper, BrightSparkz Blog Writer