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Parents Expectations & Commitments: Why It’s Better To Get A Tutor

A parent’s commitments are never ending. Whether or not you have a 9-5 job, parenting itself is a full time venture! The to do list can be daunting, from piles of laundry (where does it all come from?!), to cooking for fussy eaters, cleaning up constant mess, school runs, grocery shopping, helping with homework, staying in touch with teachers, keeping up with doctors appointments, play dates, after school activities, daily parenting struggles… and trying to fit a social life in between all of this!

The COVID pandemic has added layers to this: you might be working from home, your children might be doing online schooling and being exposed to much more screen time that you’d like. They might be struggling with a lack of social stimulation and interaction with peers, and the stress of a pandemic has put you all on edge. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know the juggle is real

Part of this phenomenon is that we’re not sure what sort of expectations to set for our children, or for ourselves. Expecting kids to perform at their best when adults are struggling isn’t fair, but at the same time we want to ensure that our children’s future is secured, and that means working hard today. These expectations can place strain on our relationship with our children and within our families in general. This is where a tutor can help!

Why it’s better to get a tutor

  1. Problem areas are best tackled early, before they contribute to larger subject difficulties. A tutor will help your child to understand any problem areas, by explaining things in a way suited to their learning style. They will also help your child practice until the problem area is no longer a problem!
  2. Studying: Do you know your child’s learning style and study methods best suited to it? Do you know how memory works? Our tutors do! Make every study session invaluable by ensuring your child is using their individual optimal study techniques. Our Study Skills Crash Course can teach them how!
  3. Homework takes valuable time and can build frustration for both you and your child! As well as tackling problem areas, tutors are great for helping your child with their homework. This will also allow them to pick up any problem areas or missing building blocks along the way.
  4. Online learning can be difficult to organize around the multitude of other parental responsibilities. If your child is younger, they may struggle to concentrate, or may struggle with the technology. A tutor can help with online schooling supervision, setting up laptops and educational programs, and supervision during learning breaks. 
  5. Building blocks are the basics of any subject that are taught in the first few years of school. If your child misses or misunderstands one of these, it can cause issues later on. Our tutors know how to find any missing building blocks, and fill these gaps in your child’s knowledge. 
  6. Expansion & mental stimulation are important for any child’s mental growth. This is especially true if your child is a Bright Spark who gets easily bored in class. A tutor can go beyond the curriculum and class subject matter to ensure your child is engaged and excited about learning!
  7. Subject expertise: Our tutors are subject experts! This means no more Googling “how to do long division” only to have your child tell you “that’s not what my teacher said”. Getting an experienced tutor will ensure that your child knows everything they need to know about their subject!


BrightSparkz Tutors has been here to take the load off of your child’s education since 2007. Our hand selected, trained & qualified tutors can help ensure your child’s education is in the best possible hands – giving you a well-deserved break! Get a BrightSparkz tutor today.


This article first appeared on www.brightsparkz.co.za, and was written by Tessa Cooper, BrightSparkz Staff & Blog Writer