Let’s talk about teacher gifts!


I can’t believe that it’s that time of the year already! And if you are anything like me then “gift giving” is an essential and fun part of the Christmas season. Our children’s teachers are also an essential part of our child’s future and development, and what better way to recognize this by giving a small yet thoughtful gift from your family to theirs during this magical time.

There are many different types of gift choices you could lean towards, depending on your budget or your skills. One thing is for certain – every teacher loves a personalized card from their student. So, if your child is able to write, then getting them to create and write inside a card for their teacher will be greatly appreciated and cherished. If they are not yet able to write, a picture drawn by them or even their name on the card will have the same effect. I remember when I was teaching, my favourite part of receiving gifts was not the gift its self, but opening the card to see the special touch the child had added. This would always elevate a gift to a new level.

Every teacher has their unique preferences, but here are my top picks on the kinds of gift options to think about:

  1. A gift for your child’s teacher to enjoy at home
  2. A gift for the teacher to enjoy in the classroom
  3. A multifunctional gift for their home or classroom
  4. A gift for their whole family


Gifts To Enjoy At Home


  • Especially for female teachers, you can never go wrong with good quality bath and body products. This is never something I buy for myself but I love receiving fancy soaps and creams that are practical and indulgent at the same time. Do keep in mind though that not everyone enjoys or appreciates scented products, so best to check first!
  • Chocolates are enjoyed by almost everyone so this is always a go-to gift that I like to give and receive.
  • There is such a great selection of candles available at most stores and is always a great gift that teachers won’t always buy for themselves.
  • Something that your child’s teacher may enjoy if they’re creative or arty is an adult colouring book with some good quality colouring pencils
  • Another option is you’re wanting something that you child’s teacher can keep or look at is something like a vase or a unique cookie jar.
  • This may not relevant for all teachers, so use your discretion (or ask!), but if your child’s teacher does enjoy wine, then a bottle of either your favourite, or a suggested wine will go down well for this time of year. I once received a bottle with a note that read: “Knowing you teach my child… I thought you may need this!” – it made me smile!
  • Another option for a spoil would be a gift card from a small business, a store they’re likely to frequent or an online store (like Amazon). If you know that your child’s teacher likes coffee, these are always a win!
  • Another gift card idea which would be a real treat for your teacher, a massage or manicure gift voucher is a sure to go down really well!


Gifts For The Classroom


  • To many parents, this may sound like a strange choice but pretty much all teachers (especially elementary teachers) use a lot of stationary Supplies such as stickers, stamps, fancy markers, coloured pens and even multiple sized funky notepads are all great gifts for teachers to receive.
  • Just like we like to have nice items on our work desks, so do teachers. Pen holders, paper weights or a frame. Personalizing these items makes them even more special.
  • A lanyard could be a useful gift for a teacher who carries access cards, keys around with them all day.
  • A personalized item is always a great gift. Examples include things like a sign for their classroom with their name on, like a tote bag or cushion or blanket that is personalized for them to use at school.


Gifts For School OR Home


  • Plants are another favourite gift choice of mine. Plants make any room feel comfortable, beautiful and relaxing. Always go for a low maintenance indoor plant that doesn’t need much sun, water or attention. 
  • If you’re opting for a plant, you may also want to put it in a beautiful pot
  • A multifunctional gift for either him or her would be a stainless-steel tumbler or larger coffee travel mug. Stainless steel is great as it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Teachers can make use of this either at school or at home, or even both.
  • I also feel like you can never have enough water bottles as these should be replaced regularly. If your child’s teacher already has one then this new gifted bottle could be left at school daily or used specifically at home. There are so many fun and different bottles with inspirational messages available, so pick one that shows gratitude for the work your child’s teacher puts into your child’s future every day.

Gifts To Enjoy with Family


  • A chocolate or cookie selection. If this is a gift you are wanting them to share with their family then a selection type purchase will be better. Or to take it to the next level (if you enjoy baking) you could even do a home baked batch of cookies or cupcakes and get your child to help ice or decorate them. 
  • Given that it’s Christmas season, a Christmas decoration for their tree or home is a lovely idea to add to the Christmas joy and festivities, if your teacher celebrates.


Whatever the gift is that decide on, whether you make it or purchase it, keep in mind that it is really the thought that counts the most. Teachers don’t expect elaborate or costly gifts and in fact isn’t even compulsory. As long as it’s given with love and kindness, nothing else matters!


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


Love Leigh

BrightSparkz Project Co-ordinator & Teacher (with over 20 years experience!)