What Makes an Effective Online Tutor?

The important role of online tutoring in today’s world of learning!

Online learning has grown exponentially in the last few years, and this is for more reasons than because we’ve all been home-bound due to Covid. One of the most significant reasons for this trend is that online learning and tutoring fits better into our modern lives. Due to its flexibility, online tutoring can work around your child’s busy schedule. Whether we are speaking about extra murals, last minute projects, or their best friend’s birthday party that they forgot to tell you about, online tutoring’s flexibility makes it easy to schedule (or reschedule) lessons to suit our busy schedules.


Reluctant to try out an online tutor?

Most parents of school aged learners grew up in a largely offline world, and are now raising their children in a world where a combination of online and offline is part of everyday life and learning. This could lead to parents feeling less in control, or even uncomfortable with new technologies their children are familiar and comfortable with, including online tutoring. With so many online learning options available, the prospect of moving your child’s academics may seem daunting. 


In one of our blogs surrounding the topic, we tackle online learning concerns such as:


  • Lack of participation & concentration
  • Impersonal lesson structures
  • Tech issues
  • Lack of social interaction
  • Too much screen time.

Are you aware of the MANY benefits of opting for online tutoring?

So, why should you opt for online learning? Our favourite reason is simple: quicker, more efficient matching with an expert tutor regardless of location!

If this reason doesn’t put a sparkle in your eyes, we’ve come up with a few more reasons:

  • Interactive web-based examples 
  • Flexible learning hours without the traffic
  • Building consistency 
  • Learning effective scheduling 
  • Convenience & accessibility
  • More affordable

 Let’s not forget the ultimate reward… Increased marks & confidence!


What makes our online tutors sparkle?

Now that we’ve (hopefully) convinced you to give online learning a go, let’s chat about BrightSparkz’s brilliant online tutors. What makes them special?

  • Their ability to effectively utilise various online platforms
  • Being able to explain material and content in more than one way.
  • The use of applications to make lessons engaging, entertaining & interactive
  • Great technical knowledge of online applications and platforms
  • Having the correct hardware available for seamless lessons 

Most importantly, our online tutors have the passion to help their learner’s succeed though creating interactive online lessons!


How can BrightSparkz help? 

We’d love to help you get comfortable with the concept of online learning by sharing valuable resources  with you – our online tutors, and our selection of blogs surrounding online tutoring. 

Should you wish to give online tutoring a try, reach out to us about our available tutors and our online tutoring specials. 


Written by Sarah Hufton, BrightSparkz Staff & Blog Writer